Gregg Sulkin for Bello Magazine

British actor Gregg Sulkin poses for the March issue of Bello Magazine, shot by Aleksandar Tomovic and Leslie Alejandro. It was recently announced that Gregg has landed a role in Marvel's new series on Hulu "Runaways" based off of the popular comic series. Gregg shared the following with Bello about his new role: “I was pumped…This is a show I really wanted. Then when I found out Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage were involved, you know they did Gossip Girl, The O.C. and Hart Of Dixie, and that it was Marvel as well, I mean I was just like ‘okay well this is a perfect mix. I have to do this." 


I'm excited to see what he brings to the role! Check out some of the shots from his spread below.